fake your tan with

bronze & PROTECT SPF 50+

it’s not the sun... its ciele.

Fake your tan.

bronze & PROTECT SPF 50+ is a highly pigmented bronzing concentrate that offers a real skin-tone sun tan with a luminous finish. It’s sun-smart acne-safe formula is designed to be mixed into your skincare and/or foundation for a sun-kissed radiant glow.

A new kind of beauty

CLEAR BEAUTY™ by ciele

Introducing a new category of color cosmetics – CLEAR BEAUTY™ – makeup made with your skin in mind.

At ciele we are sun-smart and acne-safe, which means we never use pore-clogging ingredients that may be problematic for acne prone skin. Every product offers sun protection, formulated with non-nano mineral based broad spectrum SPF that protects the skin barrier against the 4 types of radiation: UVA, UVB, Blue Light and Infrared.